Services of great value to every nitric acid producer

About Bruce Metals Inc.

For over 30 years The Bruce Group have been offering great benefits to producers of nitric acid from our headquarters in Sheffield in the UK and our new plant in Reno, Nevada, USA. We take great pride in knowing that, without exception, every client we have worked in partnership with has seen financial gain from our services.

The Bruce Group is widely recognised as a world-leading specialist in PGM recovery and nitric acid plant cleaning. With unrivalled experience and knowledge we are able to advance and refine our service constantly. In doing so, we enable every client to increase profitability and production efficiency potential, therefore protecting both jobs and the environment.

We will...

• Improve your boiler efficiency by as much as 10%
Our services will help increase nitric acid boiler efficiency due to improved heat exchange performance and this efficiency gain can increase output by as much as 10%, particularly in medium pressure plants. This means that the improved efficiency alone makes a project self-financing, with many clients recouping the cost of such a service within just twelve months.

• Reduce your ammonia consumption
In addition, Bruce Metals Inc.'s services help pay for themselves through the substantial savings made in the consumption of raw materials following cleaning, with the amount of ammonia required in manufacture reduced.

We will...

• Recover valuable platinum group metals
Our meticulous processes also enables valuable deposits of precious platinum group metals (PGM) to be retrieved, the re-sale of which can provide massive financial return.

• Purchase your redundant assets
A further financial benefit that we can offer is through the purchase of redundant equipment, from single scrap items to complete plants. This allows our clients to instantly convert unused assets into valuable income.

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