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High Pressure Jetting Services

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High Pressure Jetting is a most efficient method for cleaning heat exchangers, boilers, items tube side in the nitric oxide flow and brick-lined chambers. It is also very cost-effective, to quickly clean plant in-situ with minimum disruption.

The process pumps water through a flexible lance at a pressure of 40,000psi (2800 bar), delivering a powerful jet of water directly onto the plant surface.

The innovative nozzles of the lance, developed by The Bruce Group, are custom-made for every project for maximum efficiency.

Our extensive testing shows that high pressure jetting recovers 90-99% of PGM material compared with 55-65% by mechanical means.

Furthermore, because residues are suspended in water and pumped through a sealed circuit to filtration, no PGM oxides are lost into the atmosphere as dust. The use of water as opposed to chemical cleaning also makes high pressure jetting environmentally friendly.