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Nitric Acid Boiler Cleaning Services

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Over the years, Bruce Metals Inc. have invested heavily in developing a unique range of destructive and nonaggressive recovery techniques including chemical, nonchemical and mechanical. These services facilitate the cleaning of equipment and recovery of platinum group metal materials from operational plant during shutdown periods, and our experience is such that we are able to undertake contracts within the very tightest of timeframes. In developing these methods, we have liaised with boiler manufacturers, corrosion experts and others within the wider nitric acid production industry to ensure adherence to rigorous and stringent criteria with regard to safety and environmental issues.

Our services include:

• Nonaggressive onsite cleaning of burner/superheater/economiser/gas cooling heat exchanger units
• Mechanical cleaning of boiler/economiser/gas cooling heat exchanger unit
• Nonaggressive onsite high pressure jetting of boiler/economiser/gas cooling heat exchanger unit
• Destructive chemical cleaning of redundant burner/superheater/economiser heat exchanger/turbine gas heater
• Onsite dismantling/shipping/destructive chemical cleaning in the UK, USA, China and Japan
• Nitric acid storage tank cleaning
• Cleaning after investigation of absorber tower/weak acid condenser
• Burner hood polishing for medium, dual and high pressure plants