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Nonaggressive PGM Recovery Services

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Nonaggressive recovery uses a mild chemical solution to remove base metal oxide and PGM from metal surfaces within a working plant. Once cleaning is complete, the chemical is stabilised to prevent oxidisation and thorough flushing ensures that no corrosive residue is left. Nonaggressive recovery is reliable, highly efficient, flexible and quick. Using our mobile equipment, a single or twin burner can be cleaned in-situ within just 48 hours.

The system was developed by ourselves and independently tested by corrosion experts to prove there is no detrimental effect to plant whatsoever. We offer a full guarantee against damage or financial loss as a result of the process.

• Complete clean of single or twin burner boiler within 48 hours.
• Work carried to current legislation, including method statement, risk assessment and work procedures planning.
• No damage to plant - guaranteed.
• Total flexibility, with service offered in-situ or at our facility at any of our four global sites.