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Redundant Equipment Purchase

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We have over 35 years experience in the purchase of redundant nitric acid production equipment ranging from boilers, heat exchangers, columns and surplus stock to entire plants. The current high prices of recoverable metals are such that any redundant plant equipment now represents a valuable asset and we will purchase all items, including or excluding PGM content.

• Immediate payment for redundant plant
• Individual components or complete plants purchased
• Equipment purchased with or without PGM content
• Choice of sale options
• Global logisitics managed by The Bruce Group

A choice of payment options

In order to meet the financial requirements or cash-flow needed by our clients, we offer two options for the sale of equipment.
Option 1 - When the sale is made outright, including any PGM content, we make full payment of the agreed price straight away.
Option 2 - Alternatively, should the plant owner wish us to retrieve and sell the PGM on their behalf, payment is made in two stages. We will pay straight away for the agreed scrap price of the nonprecious metals and the value of the PGM will be paid following its retrieval, refinery and sale.

Worldwide transportation

The Bruce Group has extensive experience in plant purchase worldwide and, wherever the location, we will take care of the logistics and shipping.

PGM Security Services

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Here at Bruce Metals Inc., we adhere to strict security measures for the recovery of PGM for our clients.

PGM residue is recovered from solutions and wash waters in the form of a sludge which is filter-pressed and dried to enable recovery of the PGM content.

The PGM is then placed in single-use-sealed containers which are weighed and security tagged for transportation from the customer to the refinery.

We welcome client attendance or the presence of any nominated representative to act as an observer at all stages of any contract, from the cleaning process through to the refinery.

Endoscopy Examination

To complement our high pressure jetting service, Bruce Metals Inc. has invested in state-of-the-art endoscope camera technology.

This enables our operatives to visually examine tube walls and other internal surfaces to ensure a thorough clean and the further recovery of all retrievable PGM residues.