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Platinum Group Metals Recovery

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Prior to the introduction of our cleaning and filtration processes, large values of the platinum group metals lost in converting ammonia to nitric oxide were considered irretrievable. Depending on the plant operating pressure, these losses would vary from 20-40% of the installed catalyst gauze weight during a campaign and higher pressure plants suffering from a possibility of even greater losses.

Below is an example loss calculation for a medium pressure plant. This calculation is based on 600 tonnes of acid produced per day with the plant running 330 days per year; age 15 years; gross loss of PGM 0.15g per tonne of acid, catchment installed operating at 70% efficiency.

The net loss is 0.045p PGM per tonne of acid produced.
Total loss of PGM (600 x 330 x 15 x 0.045) is 133.650g.
The loss of palladium from catchment, depending on recovery efficiency, would be approximately 100kg.

Overall loss of PGM is 233,650g

By employing both mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, we can now maximise the recovery of your lost PGM and return to you a financial gain over and above the cost of our services.